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April 2007 • Lighten Your Work Load, Hire an Intern

If you work alone or with a small team, it's a safe bet one of your biggest challenges (and frustrations) is dealing with details, managing all the day-to-day administrivia that's essential to staying in business but that keeps you from getting in front of more clients and prospects.

Making more time for the things that only you can do (like bringing in more assets) means identifying how to eliminate, automate and delegate everything else

March 2007 • Catalog Your Best Material in a Knowledge Journal

Do you ever find yourself wondering where the time in your day goes… and why you never seem to get as much done as you'd like?

For too many people, one explanation is looking for things they've created but can't find... and then recreating that "lost" material from scratch.

January 2007 • Untangle the Web with Google's Newest Tool

There's a reason many advisors steer clear of the Web. It's called TMI -- too much information. At 100,000,000 sites and counting, the Internet for them is a distraction to be avoided, a black hole that pulls them away from doing the stuff that pays the bills.

But suppose for a minute you could suddenly shrink cyberspace down to size and concentrate your searching on a handpicked list of sites you knew contained information that would help you connect on a deeper level with a client, or open a window of opportunity to close a hot prospect.

December 2006 • How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

New Year's and resolutions -- the two go hand in hand.

Do you make them yourself? Research shows 4 in 10 of us do; some business-related, most individual.

Three quarters last a week, two-thirds a full month, and a little less than half (46%) until the middle of the year or beyond. Put another way that means 20% of those who say they’ll make an adjustment of some kind actually follow through and do so.

November 2006 • A Lesson in Systemizing the Client Experience

Everywhere you turn these days someone's writing about the customer experience. Understanding the experience. Maximizing the experience. Creating the experience. I don't know about you but too often those "expert" opinions strike me as too academic, not real world.

October 2006 • A Must-Have Tool for Minimizing Time Online

Ever stop to consider how many hours a month you spend online? Between managing email, monitoring market activity, keeping up with client, prospect, and competitor information -- not to mention everything else you do with the Internet -- the total might surprise you.

September 2006 • Inexpensive Ways of Outsourcing to Increase Your Selling Time

As I was wrapping up a presentation recently one of the attendees, Alan (an advisor with a regional brokerage firm), raised his hand.

"I love your ideas on identifying groups and sites that cater to the kind of clients I'm interested in. Reading what they read, being where they gather, plugging into their passions… it all makes sense. But I'm a one-man band. I share a single sales assistant with two other guys so she certainly doesn't have the time to do what you're talking about. And frankly, I don't think it's my role. My job is to bring in the business. So, how do you recommend a guy like me get what you're talking about done?"

August 2006 • Monitor News for Money in Motion & Other Opportunities

Last month's suggestion that readers leverage Google News Alerts to keep up with current events prompted enough questions about how the services work to warrant some further explanation. So here goes…

July 2006 • Simple, Smart Ways to Enhance Your Referability

The night before my MDRT presentation in June, I sat in on a terrific talk by Bill Cates of Referral Coach International titled "Referrals: The Key to Building Your Business." Bill offered a ton of practical how-to advice that got me thinking.

June 2006 • Cut Time Spent Handling Email in Half

Less time managing message flow means more time for selling.

A few months back I began coaching Frank (not his real name), a 25-year veteran of the industry and owner of a successful advisory practice in the Western US.

Frank makes a comfortable mid-six figure living and has a team of professionals and support staff helping him in the business. But he'd hit a wall in terms of his personal productivity; he was increasingly bogged down in non-revenue producing administrivia that was preventing him from doing what he enjoyed most: bringing in assets.

One of the worst culprits was email.


May 2006 • Find Useful Web Content Faster with A9

Let's play word association. When I say, "Web search," what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Google? I thought so. The company's done a masterful job of making its sites the first (and often only) stop for millions of people going online to gather information. Tough to beat their simplicity and accuracy.

But what do you do on those occasions when Google doesn't give you the information you're looking for?


April 2006 • Help Clients and Friends Leave a Legacy with Next in Line

Ever hear someone share a poignant or funny situation from their past and think "they should write a book"?

Unfortunately, few ever do.

March 2006 • Network and Prospect More Effectively with One Great Tool

Whether you're chatting with clients, presenting to prospects, or schmoozing with centers of influence, it pays to know the people you're talking to.

February 2006 • Learn to Repurpose Your Content

Time flies and those who study where it goes say most of us fall prey (at least on the job) to three common culprits: digging around for information, replicating answers for others, and failing to utilize knowledge we've already developed.

January 2006 • Lessons in Selling from a Seven Year Old Natural

Once again I'm reminded how often the child teaches the parent.

Last week my daughter came home from second grade with this year’s Jump Rope for Heart forms. (You may know it -- it’s sponsored annually at schools across the country by the American Heart Association.)

December 2005 • 5 Questions to Help You Build a Better Business in 2006

Want to hit the ground running in the New Year? Begin sketching out the changes you need to make now. That's what top performers are doing even as you read this: creating time or strategizing and pursuing a route to greater success, and working with their team to implement those improvements systematically.

November 2005 • My 2¢ on Caring for Clients

Anytime you can leverage a current event (or better yet anticipate one) to remind clients why they like doing business with you, you make a smart marketing decision. Such an opportunity triggered my first email Tip broadcast nearly five years ago, "A 10¢ Idea That's Really Worth Using."

October 2005 • Monitor Sites to Make Timely Connections

Timing is everything, especially when it involves information that might give you a leg up in closing a new account or expanding an existing relationship. Knowing how to connect with people on the basis of current headlines, happenings, or events of interest to them is a powerful way to demonstrate you understand their cares and concerns. Done effectively it can make the difference between winning and losing business.

September 2005 • Don't Let Disasters Drive You Out of Business

My best tips (in terms of reader response) are usually tied to current events that underscore their value. Hopefully that's the case with this month's suggestion. As you read on and consider how ready you are to handle disasters affecting your business or home, I invite you to consider your clients, family, friends, and colleagues as well.

August 2005 • Solve the Prospecting Puzzle with Jigsaw

Prospecting is a perennial hot topic among advisors, wholesalers and others I work with. People are always looking for sources of new business. And while I’m a firm believer that referrals from existing customers and clients generally provide the best leads, there are other sources worth considering. The tool highlighted this month is one of them.

July 2005 • Cut Time Spent Typing with Copytalk

This month’s tip involves one of those "somebody’s already solved your problem" services that can make life a lot easier... affordable call-in transcription support to help you handle email and other time-consuming tasks. Be sure to take a look too at the announcement on our new custom webinar program. And let me know if you or someone you know is planning a fall meeting and looking for high-impact content to deliver to attendees.

June 2005 • Keep Useful Web Content from Getting Lost with Furl

You’re surfing the Web. You find something valuable... an article, a press release, a list of contacts, an agenda for an upcoming conference, some background on a prospect you’ve been courting, whatever.

What do you do?

May 2005 • Cultivate Media Contacts to Increase Your Visibility

One of my favorite real-life success stories in Winning Clients in a Wired World came from Lynn McIntire, a financial advisor in Dallas, TX. In it, Lynn relates how she applied and used ideas I’d presented on cultivating centers of influence to build solid relationships with two media outlets in Dallas. Her efforts led to multiple appearances on local television, at a cost of less than $50 out of pocket and some time brainstorming ideas and setting up a contact system. (You can read her story on pages 108 and 109 of Winning Clients.)

April 2005 • Prospect Through Other Professionals

My February and March issues outlined ways to leverage the Web to zero in on your target market. This month we're going to look at some real life examples.

March 2005 • Use Association Sites to Speed Up Your Prospecting

How many times have you heard that networking with other professionals, speaking, and writing are proven paths to prospecting success? The challenge is learning how and where to uncover those opportunities so you can capitalize on them when they occur.

February 2005 • Find Your Target Market Online with the ASAE

If your responsibilities include sales, marketing or managing relationships, at some point you’ve probably gone online for insight on niches you target. But at over 8 billion pages of content and growing, finding that information on the Web isn’t always easy.